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Naming and mapping my olive groves

Today, I have no fewer than 14 olive groves, scattered around my village, Kamilari.

Some are closer to the Libyan Sea; others, to the Psiloritis mountain. Some are surrounded by lemon and orange groves; others by wild Cretan thyme, sage or origan.

Each of my olive groves has its specificities, also including the composition of the soil.

I gave each of my olive groves a name reflecting its particular features or qualities, and I started to make sign posts for each of them at the end of last year.

As a bunch of friends volunteered to help me harvest one of my olive groves last November (you can read the story on a previous blog post here), I started with that one, namely, my "Tramontana" Olive Grove. "Tramontana" is the Greek name of the north wind we have in Crete, which blows particularly strongly on the slopes of the hill this piece of land of mine is located on.

You can see the exact location of my "Tramontana" Olive Grove here (Google Map).

My uncle Giorgos helped me place them, as you can see from the following pictures.

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