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SAFIkala in the German press!

"Wer es einmal probiert hat, ist von der Qualität begeistert"​

"Try it once, and you'll be impressed by its quality", said the shopkeeper about my SAFIkala extra virgin olive oil to the journalist who was interviewing him.

You can read the full original article (in German) by clicking on this link.

Sistig Kall

My olive oil made the news in North Rhine-Wesphalia!

Located near the Eifel National Park, equidistant from Aachen and Bonn, the "Sistiger Lädchen" grocery store not only offers local products such as home-made noodles from Marmagen or honey from Nettersheim: it added my SAFIkala extra virgin olive oil from Kamilari in its range!

Thank you to Sandro, the store-owner, for his trust in me! And thank you Bernd and Franz for the great article!

You can find the details of the shop in Sistig-Kall on my distribution page.

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