Clearing my olive groves of the weeds

We have had a lot of rain in Crete this winter, and the vegetation has grown very quickly everywhere, which is fantastic for us farmers, as well as for flower-lovers !

This is giving me a lot of work, preparing my olive groves until the next harvest in the autumn. Thankfully, I have very good agricultural machinery, with a strong tractor and a powerfull rotary slasher, which helps me bring down the weeds and unwanted vegetation much more quickly than it would take me to do it by hand.

The high vegetation must be cut down, for the soil nutriments to be able to concentrate on the trees. The high flowers are beautiful, but they prevent my olive trees from developing properly.

The picture BEFORE: my "Pervoli" olive grove before I started clearing it with my slasher

Once cleared, my olive grove offers more breathing space to my olive trees as well as extra landing space to the birds in the area!