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Feeding my olive trees with natural manure

I usually start collecting the manure from my farm animals every year at the beginning of September, to place it in my olive groves. I must plan this job according to the seasonal weather forecast, since the trees will mainly benefit from the manure and its naturally rich nutriments after rainfall.

I have a livestock of sheep, cows, goats, horses, chickens, geese, turkeys, pigeons and rabbits. I put their manure in a pit at the back end of my farm and keep it into sacks that I can easily transport in my tractor. I use it to fertilize all my trees and plants, be it my olive trees of course, or my grapevines.

When I decide to apply this natural fertilizer to my olive groves, I get the help of additional workers to assist me in putting the manure into special sacks and load the sacks onto my tractor.

Then, I transport the sacks to the first chosen olive grove and place them at the feet of my olive trees.