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Feeding my olive trees with natural manure

I usually start collecting the manure from my farm animals every year at the beginning of September, to place it in my olive groves. I must plan this job according to the seasonal weather forecast, since the trees will mainly benefit from the manure and its naturally rich nutriments after rainfall.

I have a livestock of sheep, cows, goats, horses, chickens, geese, turkeys, pigeons and rabbits. I put their manure in a pit at the back end of my farm and keep it into sacks that I can easily transport in my tractor. I use it to fertilize all my trees and plants, be it my olive trees of course, or my grapevines.

When I decide to apply this natural fertilizer to my olive groves, I get the help of additional workers to assist me in putting the manure into special sacks and load the sacks onto my tractor.

Then, I transport the sacks to the first chosen olive grove and place them at the feet of my olive trees.

Once all the bags are positioned, I open them one by one and empty the manure at the foot of each tree.

The manure is then ready to fertilize the land and it will be of increased benefit after the next rainfall!

It's a very time-consuming job, as I have 13 separate olive groves, scattered around my village, and can usually cover a maximum of two olive groves in one day, going back and forth with my tractor, loading and unloading the sacks at the correct spots, and opening and emptying each sack one by one.

It normally keeps me busy for about a week until all my olive trees are set with this natural fertilizer!

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