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SAFIkala Archangel Michael's Early Harvest Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Every year, I produce a limited quantity of early-harvest, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from one of my olive groves.

Fresh from the press, its colour is bright green and it is naturally cloudy because unfiltered. Its flavour is intense and remindful of freshly-cut grass. Its pungency is a sign of high quality.

I named this exceptional olive oil after my father, as well as the Greek Orthodox Saint we celebrate on 8th November, the date around which I generally carry out this first harvest.

This year, I chose my “Tramontana” olive grove, located on a hillside overlooking the Lybian Sea and benefiting from a naturally mineral-rich soil and an excellent sun-exposure.

This delicacy has a particularly high concentration of polyphenols and a very low acidity level. In Greece, we call this kind of olive oil "Agoureleo".

The olives are harvested when they haven't quite reached their level of maturity and are still green. You can read more about the specific benefits of early harvest, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil on the dedicated page of my website "Agoureleo" (link here).

I keep a dedicated tank for this special, limited edition.

This year, I developed a special packaging for the bottles of this premium-quality, unfiltered olive oil, with a special bottle and a window giftpack.

To enjoy it at its best, I recommend you consume it within three months of opening the bottle, as it may start to lose some its characteristic sensory features afterwards, being particularly sensitive to oxygen contact.

Keep in a cool, dry place, away from light, and ENJOY!

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