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Feeding my olive trees with natural nutrients

I use the manure of my farm animals as a natural fertilizer for my olive trees.

With a special electric machine, I crush the manure so it becomes a thick powder.

Crushing the organic manure from my farm animals

Using a spade, I then put it into sacks which I take to my olive groves with my tractor.

Then I unload the sacks and place the content of one full sack underneath each olive tree.

Sacks of organic manure ready to be emptied at the bottom of each olive tree

Organic manure below each olive tree

I normally carry out this job in November and just place the manure close to the trees, leaving it to nature to do the rest, with the rain allowing for the manure to penetrate the soil. This year however, I waited until spring because we had insufficient rain in November. I combined this input of organic nutrients with the irrigation of my olive trees, which I always carry out in spring. I therefore positioned the manure at the exact spots that get irrigated when I open the water vans.

This year, I gathered 600 sacks of manure! This was just enough to feed each of my olive trees, as well as each of my vines, as my grapes also greatly benefit from these organic nutrients. I had so much work that I had to recruit for help in order to complete the task in a timely manner!

The manure of my farm animals (sheep, goats, horses, cows, chickens, geese, pigeons and rabbits) is an excellent fertilizer, naturally rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

These minerals, especially when used in the form of natural, organic manure, optimize the growth of the trees and improve the soil structure and soil aeration. They also improve water penetration and help the soil retain moisture.

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