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The 2017 Olive Harvest

This year, for the first time, I had a team of friends and family members helping me with the olive harvest for one day so we made it a special event.

I chose the day according to the availability of the team as well as the weather, and it had to be close to the orthodox day of Archangel Michael, which is traditionally when I harvest the olives of my premium, unfiltered olive oil (see my dedicated blog post about the Archangel Michael's early harvest).

My friend Markos, who works for the French television, took a lot of footage, so his colleague Didier could edit the video below. Thank you very much to them both!

My cousin Manolis, who is a professional photographer, also took some really good shots. Many of the following pictures are his, although the low-resolution format I had to convert them into does not do them justice. Thank you Manolis!

I chose this special day to be the 8th November. I set off early in the morning to prepare everything so that the team could start at around 9am. Below was the view I enjoyed when I arrived.