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SAFIkala Extra Virgin Olive Oil at the Essen Christmas Market now !

The manager of Tesoros de Ecuador, a German company based in Essen and distributing traditional, hand-made arts and crafts goods from Ecuador, visited my village Kamilari with his wife this year and I met him as they came to eat at my taverna Milonas. He was seduced by my SAFIkala olive oil, as well as by the story behind : a natural product cultivated with passion and care in the respect of nature and tradition.

He subsequently decided to create an exception and add my olive oil into his line, which until now exclusively included products from Ecuador.

It means that my olive oil now has distribution in the Ruhrgebiet but will also be present at the Essen Christmas market which just recently started !

Many thanks to Reiner for his trust in me and my product !

More information about Tesoros de Ecuador on the Facebook Page at

Below is the map of their stand location at the Essen Christmas Market.

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