Making Raki in the Kazani

After leaving the pomace to ferment long enough for all the sugar to transform into alcohol - an operation described in an earlier post, on 18th September - the actual distillery process can start.

​First of all, I must thoroughly clean the Kazani, which works best when it is piping hot.

I must be careful not to get burnt when I open the lid, as it really is hot, the Kazani being in copper. I only use a kitchen towel to hold it as I've never liked working with gloves, but it's always worked perfectly for me!

Then I must also beware of the heavy smoke that immediately comes out of the tank!

And then I can start cleaning it. I use a water pipe with a bit of pressure to wash it, as well as a long wooden paddle to scrape it.

This is a process I repeat many times every day as the Kazani must be clean of any potential residues from previous distilling every time I load it with new pomace.