OLIO NUOVO DAYS, January 2017

The SAFIkala olive oil was selected for the OLIO NUOVO DAYS in Paris in January!

Preparation of fresh olive oil tasting samples

Last November, I sent samples of the olive oil of my new harvest to the OLIO NUOVO DAYS committee, which decided to select my olive oil after tasting it. They then submitted it to a panel of chefs for feedback and inspiration, alongside a dozen other fresh olive oils.

The restaurants run by these chefs are very prestigious, as you can see from the following list: AKRAME, Gennaro Nasti's BIJOU, DROUANT, Alan Geaam’s AG LES HALLES, LA CAVE A MICHEL, ITINERAIRES, LA CLOSERIE DES LILAS, LA RESERVE, LAPEROUSE, LE PETIT LITTRE, LOUIS, LUCAS CARTON, MENSAE, TABLE, PASSERINI, Yoni Saada’s BAGNARD & MINIATURES, TONDO, Pâtisserie BO Olivier Haustraete and even the PARIS POLICE PREFECTURE whose chef Carlos Marsal is also the Secretary-General of “Toques Françaises”, an association promoting French gastronomy and awarding yearly prizes to the most talented new chefs in France.

This is the list of olive oils that were selected at the Olio Nuovo Days in Paris (as you can see, SAFIkala appears as the number 3 for the blind taste):

The Olive Oils that were selected for the Olio Nuovo Days