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2016 Trot competition in Petrokefali

Yesterday, a big event for horse-lovers took place in Petrokefali: the yearly Trot competition.

Unfortunately, I could not take part in the contest this year, as both my horses, which are mares, were either expecting or lactating. The elder one just gave birth last week to a beautiful foal.

Mare and young foal

Whilst I didn’t take part in the races, I helped with the organization as a committed member of the Messara Horse Association, which was hosting the event. So this year, I was one of the judges controlling that the horses were respecting the correct pace (some horses get carried away in their enthusiasm to win and start to gallop instead of trotting, which disqualifies them). I also helped with the security, making sure that the public kept their distance from the horses.

So instead of a number bib, I wore the green vest of the security officials.

Petrokefali 2016 Trot Competition

It rained a lot in the morning, so we were not sure whether these adverse weather conditions would force us to cancel the event, but in the end, fortunately, it could take place.

My good friend Giorgos finished second, which owed him a medal.

I hope that everything goes well with my horses so that I can resume training within a couple of months and take part in the next competition in October!

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