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Exciting new distributor!

I am very excited to welcome my friend Simone as a new distributor for my SAFIkala Olive Oil. I have known Simone and her family for many years as they are regular visitors of my Milonas Taverna. Simone expressed her interest to help me with the distribution last summer, so we have worked together at organizing it and now it's official!

Simone's home was on my itinerary during my SAFIkala December Tour.

Together with her husband, she offered me their wonderfully warm hospitality and I am ever so grateful to this day. They arranged for a surprise reunion dinner in their home with other friends of mine living in their area. I was really overwhelmed to be with all my friends on that memorable evening, to share a delicious home-cooked dinner with them and try some really fine wines also from their region.

Apart from being a very promising SAFIkala distributor with many new ideas and strong business acumen, I discovered that Simone also has fantastic culinary talents as she treated me to a wide variety of her exquisite, home-made, Christmas cookies and beautiful as well as deliciously fine chocolates. Those of you who have a sweet tooth like me can imagine how pleasurable that all was!

I am very honoured that Simone, who has such high quality standards and such a fine taste when it comes to cooking and the culinary arts, was so enthusiastically willing to help me promote and distribute my SAFIkala Extra Virgin Olive Oil in her region.

Simone is located in LANDAU in the Palatinate state of Germany, a place which I discovered has a very pretty Christmas market, many vineyards producing high quality wine, as well as a rich history and culture. It is also conveniently close to the French Alsace and Lorraine regions, so the French market is also within reach!

I wish Simone all the best of success!

Simone is now on the list of my distributors.

You can contact her at

Full details on my Where to Buy Page.

Simone, I can't wait to visit your "Chocolate Factory" again next year!


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