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Seasonal Product - limited availability

  • UNFILTERED, EARLY HARVEST Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 100% Koroneiki

  • 0.3% maximum acidity


Every year, I produce a limited quantity of early-harvest extra virgin olive oil in one of my olive groves in Crete, around the day of Archangel Michael on the Greek orthodox calendar. I personally take care of each step of the production: I trim all my olive trees myself, control the organic amendments I feed the soils with, determine the suitable level of irrigation, pick the olives when they are still green and supervise the extraction of the olive oil at the mill. On top of a very low acidity level, this delicacy has a particularly high concentration of polyphenols, the antioxidants which give it its intense flavour reminiscent of freshly-cut grass, its unmistakable bright green colour and its pungency. In Crete, we call this special kind of olive oil "Agoureleo" and it has specific health benefits (more information here).

Archangel Michael Limited Edition olive oil giftbox
Archangel Michael packaging and bottle

Archangel Michael's Early Harvest Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Limited edition

- Special 750 ml glass bottle

- No-drip pouring spout

- Window giftbox

Premium single-cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made exclusively from green koroneiki olives harvested ahead of maturity on the 8th of November in the SAFIkala "Amigdalia" olive grove.

Green, pungent and full-bodied.

Particularly enjoyable on raw foods, steamed vegetables or pasta.

No-drip pouring spout

Protect it from light and oxygen contact.

Main Range Product Details

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • 100% Koroneiki

  • 0.39% maximum acidity

Safikala Olive Oil from Crete

750 ml glass bottle

An elegant presentation

for everyday use

Safikala Olive Oil from Crete

5 litre tinplate can

Ideal for long time storage

Safikala Olive Oil from Crete

500 ml tinplate can

Ideal for everyday use or gifting

Safikala Olive Oil from Crete

500 ml glass bottle

Ideal for gifting

Safikala Olive Oil from Crete

1 litre tinplate can

Ideal for everyday use

Safikala Olive Oil from Crete

250 ml glass bottle

Ideal for gifting

Safikala Olive Oil from Crete

750 ml tinplate can

Ideal for everyday use


100% Koroneiki olive variety



Organoleptic qualities:

Fresh, fruity bouquet

Rich, full-bodied flavour with a balanced, rounded feel on the palate

Deep yellow-green colour that goes lighter and more yellow with time.


Acidity: maximum 0.39%


Nutrition facts: rich in Monounsaturated Fat (77% of its composition), my SAFI kala olive oil is a true ambassador of the Cretan diet, which is often referred to as the healthiest in the world. The Cretan people are the world’s number one consumers of olive oil, with 25 litres per capita, per annum. It is believed that the Cretan diet accounts for the longevity of its people, who also have the lowest cardiovascular mortality rate in the world.


Olive oil is indeed the main pillar of the Cretan diet, but please bear in mind that we Cretans also eat varied seasonal vegetables and fruit, wholegrain cereals, yogurt and cheese, legumes, seeds and nuts, as well as various Mediterranean herbs and spices, and that we tend to curb our intake of meat in general (and red meat in particular) and do drink red wine, but in reasonable quantity.



Please keep my olive oil in a cool, dry place.

Do not refrigerate it.

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