My Olive Oil

My SAFI kala olive oil is made exclusively from the Koroneiki variety of olives I grow myself near my village Kamilari, in Crete.

My olive oil is of Premium Quality:


  • Extra Virgin: maximum 0.39% Acidity

After pressing the olives, the juice is just decanted, filtered, and bottled. My olive oil does not go through any other process.


  • Cold Extraction

The rich flavour of the fruit is therefore fully preserved.


  • Unique Aroma

Located in the Messara plain also known as “the fruit garden of Crete”, my olive trees are surrounded by citrus groves and wild aromatic herbs, which pass on their complex and rich flavours to my olive oil.


  • Messara Plain Olives

My olive groves benefit from a privileged location, between the mountains and the sea, where the earth is naturally rich in minerals and trace elements. The European Union has been working on a P.D.O. (Protected Designation of Origin) for the Messara Olive Oil, which is expected to be released as an official label in the near future.


  • Naturally Grown Olives

I personally look after every one of my trees: I trim the branches in the late winter; I take care of the irrigation using the groundwater from the community; and I only use the manure from my farm animals (which are only fed naturally) to enrich the soils. 

My farm animals

providing phosphorus and potassium-rich manure

Using the manure of my farm animals as a natural fertilizer




The SAFI kala olive oil is bottled in opaque containers to make sure all its nutritional qualities and unique aromas are retained.

Glass bottles will elegantly adorn your tables and are ideal for gifting, whilst lighter tinplate cans are very convenient for everyday use.

You can find the quality certificates for my tinplate cans here.

Glass bottles


750 ml

500 ml

250 ml


Tinplate cans

5 litres

1 litre

750 ml

500 ml


Picking the Olives

Every year between November and January, when the olives arrive to maturity, I pick them from the trees with a handheld electric harvester, and then collect them from the large net I set around the tree beforehand.





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