New Distribution Point in Germany!

December 5, 2015

I am very excited to welcome the DORV-Laden Pannesheide, which is part of an Association promoting Work, Environment and Culture in the region of Aachen, as a new distributor of my SAFIkala Olive Oil!


Thanks to the efforts of my friend Renate, whom I have known for many years, together with her husband and son as they love my village Kamilari and visit it every year, the DORV-Laden Pannesheide near Aachen, the area where Renate lives, carried out a test with my SAFIkala Extra Virgin Olive Oil during their Christmas Market at the end of November.


On this occasion, they dedicated a corner of their shop to my SAFIkala Olive Oil, decorated with large photos of the Messara Plain and my olive groves. They displayed half-litre tins of the SAFIkala Olive Oil on a table and gave visitors the possibility to taste the olive oil together with bread.


They very nicely arranged the table with a pretty table-cloth, a large bowl full of slices of bread, lovely napkins with an olive design, and an elegant transparent jug full of SAFIkala Olive Oil as well as a few small transparent cups to dip the bread into for tasting.


The picture below shows this beautiful presentation:


They managed to draw a lot of attention and  achieved some very encouraging sales, so the test turned out to be a success! 


Many thanks to the whole team at the DORV-Laden, and a very big THANK YOU to Renate for giving me her trust! 


I hope this first trial will be followed by many more orders in the future!


I have added the details of the DORV-Laden Pannesheide onto my list of distributors on the "Where To Buy" Page of my website.


You can find the address and website details again below:


DORV-Laden Pannesheide


Pannesheider Str. 61

D-52134 Herzogenrath


Renate, the fried zucchini, Tzatziki, fried cheese Saganaki and Bifteki will wait for you here until next year!

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