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Early Harvest, Unfiltered

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Harvest Date: 8th November 2020

  • SINGLE CULTIVAR: 100% Koroneiki

  • 0.3% maximum acidity

  • Very rich in POLYPHENOLS (about 50% more than in my filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil)

  • Cold pressed


Special Offer - until stocks last

Unit Price

Including Delivery*

- 1 bottle of 750ml

€ 63.95

- 3 bottles of 750ml

€ 44.65

Package Price

Including Delivery*

€ 63.95

€ 133.95

SAVE € 57.90 !

- 6 bottles of 750ml

€ 38.30

€ 229.80

SAVE € 153.90 !

* Prices include home delivery to Denmark and Sweden.

Product is delivered without presentation box because of shipment issues.

Prices include V.A.T.

6 x 750 ml : € 229.80


1 x 750 ml : € 63.95

3 x 750 ml : € 133.95


Limited edition

- Special 750 ml glass bottle

- No-drip pouring spout

Premium single-cultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made exclusively from green koroneiki olives harvested ahead of maturity on the 8th of November 2019 in the SAFIkala "Amigdalia" olive grove.

Green, pungent and full-bodied.

Particularly enjoyable on raw foods, steamed vegetables or pasta.

No-drip pouring spout

Every year, I produce a limited quantity of early-harvest extra virgin olive oil in one of my olive groves in Crete, around the day of Archangel Michael on the Greek orthodox calendar. I personally take care of each step of the production: I trim all my olive trees myself, control the organic amendments I feed the soils with, determine the suitable level of irrigation, pick the olives when they are still green and supervise the extraction of the olive oil at the mill. On top of a very low acidity level, this delicacy has a particularly high concentration of polyphenols, the antioxidants which give it its intense flavour reminiscent of freshly-cut grass, its unmistakable bright green colour and its pungency. In Crete, we call this special kind of olive oil "Agoureleo" and it has specific health benefits (more information here).

Protect it from light and oxygen contact. Do not refrigerate.

The SAFIkala

Archangel Michael's Early Harvest

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is recommended by International Chefs!

The BEEF! Magazine edition of March 2020 featured the SAFIkala Archangel Michael's Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Here is the English translation of the article:


The best olive oil in the world is produced in Greece and above all in Crete – and the SAFIKala olive oil counts among the very best. The company produces a special olive oil every November: Agureleo, also known as "Archangel Michael's Early Harvest", has less acidity but a peppery note. Halelujah! 750ml for about 55 €. More information and sale on "


DROUANT PARIS Chef Antony Clémot selected the SAFIkala Agoureleo in 2017 for the "OLIO NUOVO DAYS". You can read the full story on my BLOG here.





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